The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cooperative Ownership

When was the building built?
The Cooperative was built in 1953-54.

How many floors/units are in the building?
There are 14 floors. Our ground floor includes income-producing commercial spaces, and our residential units are on the 2nd through 14th floors. There are 23 units on each floor.

What do the Monthly Carrying Charges include?
The Monthly Carrying Charges include all utilities except telephone. They also include basic cable and real estate taxes. Premium cable stations and high-speed internet service are available, at a separate charge, from our cable provider.

Is financing available?
No, 2101 does not offer any type of financing.

Are there any closing costs?
Click here to see costs by floor plan.

Does the Co-Op have assessments?
No, there are no assessments. The Co-Op’s Articles of Incorporation prohibit assessments. Payments for upgrades, replacements, and/or improvements to the building are drawn from the Co-op’s Reserve Fund.

Are pets allowed?
2101 allows 2 cats, caged birds and/or fish. A pet registration form must be on file with the Management Office. Annual Health Certifications from a licensed Veterinarian are required for cats.

Is smoking allowed?

As of November 1, 2017, the Cooperative became a non-smoking building.

Can the apartments be sublet?
No, our Bylaws and Occupancy Agreement prohibit the subletting of apartments.

Can someone stay in my apartment if I am not living there?
Yes, a non-shareholder may, for a time, stay in your apartment as long as he/she is registered with the Cooperative.

Can a washer/dryer be installed in the apartments?
Since the building’s plumbing cannot adequately handle the additional load, washers and dryers are not allowed in single units. However, if an apartment is merged with an adjacent unit, the second kitchen can be reconfigured into a laundry area.

What is the waiting time for the various units?
Waiting times can vary. Please contact our General Manager for the most-up-to date information. Sometimes, new shareholders move into units smaller than they actually want, register on the internal ‘Waiting List’, and move when a larger unit becomes available. Some shareholders have also downsized to smaller units. Differential costs do apply when making an internal move.

What amenities does 2101 offer?
2101 has an award-winning rooftop garden, newly renovated Guest Suite, conference room/library, storage and laundry facilities, garage parking, and is ideally located in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Center City Philadelphia.

Is a personal interview required?
Yes, a personal interview is required of all prospective shareholders.

Who does the interview?
The Membership Chairperson, who is on the Co-Op’s Board of Directors, and 4 to 5 committee members who are shareholder/residents of the Cooperative.

Is there a Waiting List deposit?
Yes, there is a $95 non-refundable application fee.  If you purchase into the Cooperative, it is credited to your settlement costs.

Are renovations allowed?
Yes, renovations are allowed. However, our General Manager must approve all plans prior to the start of construction. All outside contractors must be licensed and insured.

Is Homeowners insurance required?
Yes, each Shareholder is required to carry an HO-6 policy with a minimum of $500,000 Personal Liability

Is serving on committees mandatory?
As part of Cooperative living, shareholders are encouraged to volunteer their time. Participation and involvement are fundamental cooperative principles.